Tt eSPORTS VOLOS Gaming Mouse Review

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7 Comments to Tt eSPORTS VOLOS Gaming Mouse Review

  1. Shawn Sanders

    Ok I just tested this a bit more. I’m able to bind them but I get the same results I have whenever I try to bind the scroll up/down functions to a single keyboard hey…MAYHEM. The mouse doesn’t know when to stop. I bound it “H”. Upon scrolling up in a Word doc. it would continually type “H” endlessly. I can try writing a macro and then setting it to single press or something. Let me see.

    • So what’s the deal Shawn? What was the result. I tried writing a macro for a single press and bound it to “Scroll Wheel Up” and it still didnt work.

      • Shawn Sanders

        It actually works perfectly for me. I have a “push2talk” macro written for Teamspeak. I assigned that macro to Scroll Up. Set the Repeat to “Once” hit apply and it works great.

        How are you doing it? May suck but tell me step by step. If your mouse is not defective and you use the software correctly, it works impressively well.

        • I tried binding “Scroll up” using the keystroke “Q” and I used the same method that I used for all the other bindings. All the other bindings work flawlessly. You even said that when trying to bind “Scroll Up” you experienced problems as well. The macro that you are talking about sounds like a mere ‘work around’. Im sorry but a brand new near $70 mouse should operate flawlessly out of the box. I shouldn’t have to depend on a work around to get by on my brand new mouse. I’m using the software correctly as I have been using gaming mice and software with binding capabilities for years now. Thermaltake did responded to my email though and said that what I am experiencing is in fact a hardware issue and requested a RMA which I will decline because its faster and cheaper to just send it back to Amazon.
          Thank you for testing it further though and confirming that the Scroll Up function is in fact broken when trying to bind it outside of macro’ing.

  2. Apparently not many people notice, but besides the 5 weights that are visible, there are another two weights that are accessible if you pull the weight holder out of the mouse.

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