Why carry all these different devices that link you to your social life when you can simply use one! That’s what the Indiegogo campaign for the A.I. Smartwatch wants to do. It wants to be your smartphone, tour guide, fitness instructor, social guide and so much more. The smartwatch uses Android 4.0.4 OS, which adopts the most powerful hardware on a smart watch dual-core 1.2G processor and it’s also supports 3G network. Not only can it achieve common smartwatch functions like being a phone companion, but it’s also completely independent to any device also a fully-equipped smart phone and it can use an ordinary Micro SIM card, with built-in GPS, WiFi, Camera, and other hardware configuration.

The processing power in the A.I Watch will allow you to receive calls, comes with caller ID, allows you to make a call straight from your A.I Watch by dialing the number, allows you to select a contact from your address book  by voice control with the A.I voice instructor and so much more.  You can even access the Google Play Store with it to download all kinds of apps, while supporting developers to create apps on the A.I. Smartwatch’s platform. It  also has a reserved a variety of apps expansion and uses, which can be provided for medical, health, sports, RFID, NFC and other industrial uses for the customized development. The early bird special is still available for the watch and you can get yours in December if you pledge $179 or more.

 A.I. Smartwatch


Kristie Bertucci

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