Alternative title: Who the Who, Disney makes screens now? Seriously folks, I had no idea that Disney, of all people, had a tech research division. AT&T, yeah, we all remember those commercials right? Not surprisingly, they were right which is great news for me if these new screens make it to market sometime soon.

Disney’s new tactile rendering works by using an algorithm that simulates “three dimensional, geometric features” on flat screen surfaces. Sheesh, try saying that twelve times while standing on your head, it won’t be easy. The impressive thing to note about this new tech is how it goes about simulating bumbs, ridges, and everything else in between. Instead of using a surface that gets raised or lowered by some mechanical process, this project uses applies voltage to the surface of the screen to simulate friction. This simulated friction is what fools your brain into thinking that your skin is coming into contact with different surfaces.

Quite nifty if I say so myself. I do. The video above doesn’t use a lot of tech-speak, but somehow it reminds me of this, which makes me ever-so-slightly woeful about this project never reaching shelves.

Jordan Goodson

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