Sonos today unveiled their newest speaker, the Play:1.  It’s a $200 box that is about half the size of the company’s Play:3 and costs $200, $100 cheaper than the aforementioned speaker.

I spent a few minutes with the speaker last week and while a full review is coming, here are some quick thoughts.

First off, the speaker’s housing is tight, very very tight.  But that’s par for the course for Sonos, though the Play:1 feels more buttoned up than any of their other speakers, which suggests no space was wasted.  Weight wise it’s solid.  This can be attributed to its internals: two D class amps, a 3.5-inch mid and a single tweeter.


With the release of the Play:1, the Mute button is now a Play/Pause button on all existing speakers from Sonos.

The Play:1 works in the exact same fashion as Sonos’s other speakers.  Just plug in the included (for a limited time) Sonos Bridge into your home’s router, add the Play:1 (to a electric socket), and walla, you’re in business.  Control comes by way of an Android or iOS device, and music service compatibility, along with a networked hard drive, is available from a wide swath of services including Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and a boat load more.

Sound quality wise the Play:1 is impressive.  At low volumes, and with the Loudness setting turned on, bass is rich and audio is all together balanced.  Crank it up a bit louder and you start to lose the low end, though that’s likely intentional such that distortion is reduced. Pairing two of them together, a stereo pair as Sonos calls it, reveals a much wider sound field and improves the over quality a fair bit.  As I said, I’ve not spent much time with the Play:1.  I hope to have a full review in the coming days.

A few other things to note about the Play:1s.  They’re $200 each.  As mentioned this is $100 cheaper than the Play:3.  So it stands to reason – and even Sonos will admit this – that they’re using this speaker as a sort of way of indoctrinating people.  And rightfully so.  Once I had two Play:3s I was hooked.  Sonos tells me that the Play:1 is designed to be used in kitchens and bathrooms.  One because of their smaller footprint.  And two because the Play:1 has been specially sealed to work in high humidity scenarios.

So there it is.  The Play:1.  They’re shipping today in black or white.


Christen Costa

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