Rumor: GTA 5 PC Release Date Revealed… or Not

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36 Comments to Rumor: GTA 5 PC Release Date Revealed… or Not

  1. Brian Brotherton

    Didn’t someone confirm a PC and PS4 release in the game code?
    I guess that doesn’t totally confirm it, but it gives hope.

  2. Brian Brotherton

    “Sony and Rockstar became close bedfellows and the relationship has yet to tarnish.”

    Not for Sony’s recent lack of trying. They pissed RS off a lot this time around.

  3. Sašo Plut

    Well first of its not Games For Windows LIVE its just Games For Windows..

    Screens have been proven fake 2 weeks ago.. There has been xml leaks from PS3 files with bug reports dating back to 2009 with PC being mentioned at the date 2012-06-11.. which means the game is not being ported after it was made on consoles but developed side by side.. many stores offering pre-orders for a yet unannounced games has been proven legit with many games before that so it would be no big surprise.. and many other leaks that you dont even know about and go write an article like that..

  4. Most of the stuff posted here in this article is almost a week old. The PC screens are the most obvious fake in the history of hoaxing.

    Even the best programmer in the world on steroids cannot come up with a modern game engine that uses only 2% of the CPU. It would be possible if the game was running @ 1Fps and was horribly GPU limited. :p

      • Unless you have downloaded a heap of viruses, there’s been no known emus for PS3 or 360 or at least according to my research.

      • No such thing for Xbox 360 or PS3. Actually there is a PS3 one, but it’s in development, right now all it can play is pong.

    • I beileve that the images are fake, but not on the CPU usage argument.

      Look at Arma III, It’s probably one of the biggest resource hogs in the history of gaming and my computer usually caps at 10% CPU usage, with a usual 5-8% use of a CPU.

      If you’ve invested in a strong computer, it’s possible.

      It’s going to come to PC, But people who seriously think Nov22 are just silly.

      • Why is November 22nd such a stretch?? It’s definitely possible. With evidence already pointing to the game being created on PC, even twice the number of players on online.. I think it’s likely, or sometime around then. If they release it 6 months from now all the hype will have died down. I probably won’t even buy it then.

    • How? Its just talking about what we know about the rumors, and such of a GTA V PC version, and the history of GTA on PC. I liked reading it.

      • Because, it turns retarded after “Why it might be true.” Same thing over and over and over and over with nothing solid to back it up.

        • English must not be your first language. The word “might” implies it’s not definite, but a possibility. It’s okay, English is tough.

          • You are correct, it’s my second language indeed. But I also find that you are having problems understand what I meant. The news in this article directs up a useless proof of a Russian kid trolling on Reddit the other day. These articles are just written everyday with news containing from over weeks and even a month ago. Oh and one thing, don’t every say English is tough. Even idiots like you and I can use it.

          • No it’ not. Just one question, how are you bonded to this page? I mean, you don’t take much time to respond me. Do you get emails like I do or what?

          • According to language studies the English language is the hardest to learn out of every language.

          • Lawlwhat? English simplicity is rivaled only by some of the constructed languages.

    • Also, this article actually brings up some good points, especially the release of Watchdogs being the same date as the supposed GTA 5 date. However, I am sick of seeing those horribly fake photos.

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