Pandora vs. iTunes Radio (comparison)

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Pandora vs iTunes Radio
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9 Comments to Pandora vs. iTunes Radio (comparison)

  1. Matthew Price

    Pandora has no ability yo make playlists, nor does iTunes Radio. Pandora has Led Zeppelin – iTunes Radio does not. Pandora is available virtually everywhere. ITunesvRadio is not.

  2. First blush, iTunes Radio seems to find better quality variety compared to Pandora, particularly in jazz. I’m hearing lots of great relevant music that Pandora has never played, in spite of the genome project and my many months of seeding and fine-tuning, probably because Pandora’s catalog has always been too skimpy to really deliver.

  3. tendoboy1984

    The major difference between these music streaming services is this: iTunes Radio and iHeartRadio have real radio stations from all over the world, while Panodra and Spotify are just music streaming.

  4. I have been listening to iTunes radio all day since it debuted. Color me unimpressed. I’ve had songs play 2-3 times in a row and some songs play 7 or 8 times in one day. Granted that my choice of genre (progressive rock) is more constrained than many listeners, that still covers thousands of songs by dozens, if not hundreds of bands. The song selection scheme is awful. Tell me how Queen, Eric Clapton and Dire Straits relate to Yes and Rush?

    One of the built in Apple stations only plays a one to two songs or so and then crashes. I also find the UI a bit clunky when it comes to editing a station. Also for all that iTunes has such a large collection, why does not find songs that I type in to seed a station? I know that iTunes sells the song, I looked. Why is so much of the album art wrong or missing altogether. I could go on.

    Pandora is a better service, hands down. Lyrics, artist bio and the right album art on pretty much every song. Easy to use interfaced. Fairly polished UI. The author seems to be a shill for Apple.

    Mind you, I generally like Apple products, I own the iPhone and iPad. I think iTunes radio was hastily put together, much like Apple Maps. This is not the polished, it just works, product I expect from Apple! Perhaps having a demanding, perfectionist in total control had its good points…

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