If you’re not already a Dexter fan, you’ve probably heard how great the show is. Now you can easily see what all the hype is about now that Netflix will be streaming the first four seasons thanks to a licensing deal with Showtime’s parent company CBS. Netflix is doing this to celebrate Halloween and will then provide fans with the last four seasons on New Year’s Day. The show just finished it’s eighth and final season last month, and this new deal will quickly bring the series to the online video streaming world outside of the channel’s own reruns or video on demand service, which is great for fans. Previously, streaming Dexter has only been available on Showtime’s online entity, Showtime Anytime, for those who already pay for the premium channel.

Despite services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming other Showtime favorites like Weeds, Dexter was previously not an option. This just goes to show how lucrative it is for media companies like CBS to strike up deals with Netflix and Amazon for digital rights. Earlier this summer CBS also struck a deal with Amazon to stream its sci-fi series Under the Dome” days after it aired on broadcast TV.

Kristie Bertucci

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