Logitech iPhone 5s Game Controller

Here are pics of what is believed to be Logitech’s iPhone 5 and 5s game controller.

For the most part, I’d call it unremarkable since it’s your garden variety set of controls that include a directional pad, 4 buttons, and a set of shoulder buttons.  There is a chance that there might be a version that includes analog sticks.  If there is, I’d expect their to be wider adoption since the analog joystick has largely become the standard amongst gaming.  In fact, Logitech would be silly not to include it, so let’s hope this is an early prototype.

If you recall, back in June of this year Apple announced official support for gaming controllers.  And with that announcement they said that Moga and Logitech were official kick off partners.  Before this, gaming controllers for the iPhone have long existed.  However, developers had to write their own software to map the controls accordingly.  Now, the process has been simplified, though since I’m not a developer or an iPhone gamer I have to admit that my knowledge on this subject is rather limited.

It remains to be seen if gaming controllers for the iPhone will take off.  More often than not, people are reluctant to carry around a peripheral for their phone, especially if it is of significant bulk – this Logitech controller seems to add about 2-inches, perhaps a bit less, of width on either end of the iPhone.  That said, the iPhone is growing more and more powerful with each iteration, which in turn means the games will be come more analogous to that of the console systems.

Christen Costa

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