LG has been dropping hints that its new flexible screen technology would be appearing in an upcoming phone, but we hadn’t seen anything about it hitting the market. All that’s changed with the LG G Flex, which is not an obscure rapper but their newly announced phone.

Flex Time

To start with, let’s talk about the main feature, which is, of course, the bent screen. Designed to curve so that it more naturally fits the contours of your face, LG is also claiming that the angles make calls easier to hear and increases the volume of your calls by three decibels, which is a lot for a phone. Exactly how true these claims are is up for debate, but one thing is undeniable. It looks cool.

Back Anti-Scratcher

Next up is a feature we didn’t know about; a self-healing back. Apparently LG is as sick of you getting the back of your phone scratched up as you are, so it’s installed some technology that will fix hairline scratches as they happen. Considering how these things work, it’s probably not going to last for the life of the phone if you really beat it up or use it as a hockey puck, but it’s a nice touch that differentiates it from LG other products. Which it kind of needs, because the internal specifications are… well…

Like A G2 In A Vice

ku-bigpic (1)

They’re pretty much exactly the same as the LG G2; 2.26 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 13 MP camera, basically if you want the details just look up the G2, they’re pretty much the same phone aside from the Flex running Jelly Bean for some reason. So, high end, but not terribly different from the other phones out there in terms of what you get. Will a bendy screen be enough? We’ll find out; the model debuts in Korea next month, and a global rollout will like follow in early 2014.

Dan Seitz

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