iPhone 5s vs. Moto X (spec comparison)

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Moto x vs iPhone 5s
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6 Comments to iPhone 5s vs. Moto X (spec comparison)

  1. There’s a typo in the chart where it lists the pricing for the Moto X. It says 23 GB but it’s supposed to be 32 GB

  2. It is a dead give away if he said apple won over for size.
    You want credibility then start sounding more credible please. This is such a bias crap writeup.

  3. Size. In 2007 the iPhone might have been a perfectly sized phone for the capabilities of a smartphone of that era. Fast forward 5 years. Considering the changes in power apps available today….limiting the size of a smartphone based on one design imperative…one handed use…is both outdated and short sighted. If the Moto X proves anything….it’s that reasonable screen real estate and the physical size of the smartphone are not mutually exclusive. Travel guru…Rick Steves…has famously opined, that he rarely hears seasoned travelers say…they wish they brought more baggage on their European trips. So it is with screen size on smartphones…very few users go back to a smaller screen…once they have stepped up to the next level. Screen size alone should be reason enough to choose the Moto X over the iPhone 5s.

    • Screen size preference is entirely up to the user. Limited size screen that is outdated and short sighted? You should tell the 9 million people who bought a new iphone during launch weekend, I’m sure you will get them to return it….

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