iPad Mini Retina vs. Google Nexus 7 (spec comparison)

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nexus 7 vs ipad mini retina
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5 Comments to iPad Mini Retina vs. Google Nexus 7 (spec comparison)

  1. how does apple’s 323 ppi display CRUSH the 323 ppi display of the nexus? Are we biased? Also, the photo at the top of the article features the old gen of the Nexus. I own neither device, but in searching for unbiased reviews I find it difficult at best, especially with closeted pad lovers

    • Christian Hokenson

      Fixed… Thanks for noticing and letting us know. I’ll be careful not to nudge the delete button accidentally before publishing — Christian Hokenson

    • Christian Hokenson

      Fixed… thanks for letting us know… we’ll be careful not to hit delete accidentally before publishing. — Christian Hokenson, GR

  2. Nice comparison – Regarding the body composition part, not sure how many would prefer plastic over the premium aluminum for a tiny weight difference! (ignoring the price difference aspect) Guess one downside is not being able to rest your iPad on your lap in the bathroom in winter season :)

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