Dell’s New 2013 Inspirion 7000 Series: 14, 15, & 17 (Update: Black Friday Coupon!)

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15 Comments to Dell’s New 2013 Inspirion 7000 Series: 14, 15, & 17 (Update: Black Friday Coupon!)

  1. ravi bhushan

    i have recently bought dell inspiron 15 7000 series. it does not have cd optical drive and i am disappointed. how can i play my cd on this laptop?

  2. Thinking of buying the 17″ 7000, but am a bit concerned about wifi issues identified on some forums. Does anyone know if these problems have been fixed?

  3. In Australia the 14 inch 7000 models all have a 1366 x 768 screen, not 1920×1080 as indicated in this article. Bummer!

  4. Does this lap has heating issues as the air vents are at the bottom of the lap, which may easily get covered while using the lap on a bed.

  5. VirtualMark

    So… where is the quad core i7 option? This laptop sucks, nobody buys a 17 inch for a crappy dual core CPU. This new 17 is outperformed by the last gen Inspiron 17R SE.

    Good to see they’ve ditched the optical drive, at least they can do something right.

  6. am so confused.. a friend of mine recently bought the new 7000 series and turns out there s no CD drive.. so what do i do?

    • external CD drive? the 14 and 15-inch versions don’t have a DVD drive.. most external DVD drives are pretty cheap. they run for about $30 on Amazon.

  7. edrodaway .

    Just got my new Dell Inspiron 15
    The bezel is peeling off of the screen and I can fit my little finger into the gap!! I won’t buy Dell again!!

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