Calling all fans of EDM, Tron and tech-fashion fans. Lumi-cord is a new, battery-free EL wire alternative that you’d probably like to get your hands on sooner than later. This new luminescent elastic thread was almost stumbled upon by a 3D Printing company while developing long duration photoluminescent materials. If the similarities of development between it and Silly Putty are any indicator, you’re probably going to start seeing Lumi-cord in use around you very soon.


Lumi-cord strides past your typical neon sticks by being able to charge by both intense light such as that provided by the sun, or by absorbing ambient light such as that from a fluorescent or black light bulb. In addition to its dexterous charging capabilities, the Lumi-cord can even emit a visible glow in the daytime shade and will continue glowing for over a day. One would think that by simply being more energy efficient, Lumi-cord could stop there and take over the night-glow market, but no, they’ve even solved the problem of being able to be cut without oozing all over the place. This stuff is impressive, there’s no doubt about that.


Its versatility is strikingly remarkable as well. By providing the ability to be cut, woven and stretched, the practical applications are inexhaustible. This stuff can be used in clothing, as jewelry, as clothing… hell, I’m visualizing how great it would be to apply this stuff to my motorcycle and have myself my very own light cycle.


This goes way beyond selling to the end consumer, this stuff will likely get picked up by brands like Northface, Coleman, REI and the like. How much easier would navigating a campsite be if everything was bordered with Lumi-cord? How many parents wouldn’t chose a “reflective” jacket over one with Lumi-cord lining the back and shoulders?


Don’t twist my words to mean that the people behind Lumi-cord are some soulless corporate shills. For this year’s Burning Man festival, Lumi-cord partnered with several camps to provide black-light charging stations throughout Black Rock City to assist in ensuring no one got ran over by roving monster cars in the darkness. With only a few second stop, Burners were able to juice up their Lumi-cord headbands or bracelets, or what-have-you and be on their merry way without concern for becoming desert road kill.


Currently, Lumi-cord is on its second iteration. The current version has several improvements over the original product such as having a smoother finish, increased light output and an increased diameter. They’ve also created a green Lumi-cord enabling you to weave multi-colored projects, I see a green and blue flower in your future, don’t you?

Jordan Goodson

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