Beats by Dre Remastered Studio Over-Ear Headphones Review

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4 Comments to Beats by Dre Remastered Studio Over-Ear Headphones Review

  1. You need to correct your overview…notice you said it has “no” noise cancelling when in fact it does.

      • That doesn’t matter, your overview still has the word “No” by Noise Cancelling.

        And despite this… the sound quality of headphones like Beats and SMS are actually very bad. Go try a pair of Sony MDR-V55s with some good quality (read: lossless and not rap) music and tell me they don’t sound twice if not thrice as good, and I picked up a pair of those for only $60 (I believe they’re regularly $80). Even a pair of Sony MDR-ZX100s sound better, and those only cost $20, albeit they might not be quite as comfortable as other models. I can’t even imagine what some of Sony’s higher-priced (and by higher-priced I’m referring to the multiple hundreds of dollars people are dumb enough to drop on a pair of Beats) offerings might sound like.

        I’ve tried all of Beat’s offerings via friends, and not a single one of them have been able to reproduce the low bass guitar in one of my favorite songs. None of my Sonys have ever failed to do so.


        Beats: like their bass, their price is overly inflated.

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