Battlefield 4 BETA: Hands on Impressions (list)

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3 Comments to Battlefield 4 BETA: Hands on Impressions (list)

  1. Shawn first-off great review as usual! As far as the Beta goes I myself haven’t been having any issues in-game at all – I know the game will run much better when the game comes out – despite that its been a fun experience thus far. My only issue was during the preloading/installing of the Beta, that was fixed quickly by visiting the Battlelog forums. All-in-all I’m very pleased with the Beta and am looking forward to a new map and mode for us to try before the game launches.

  2. Not fun yet due to the fact that I am only getting 30 frames and below which is weird to see, considering that my computer (yes I am a PC player) is an average type of gaming rig like most people. DICE will most definitely release a patch upon the release of the official open BETA because these freezing and crashing problems cannot arise throughout the BETA. Perhaps if they did, I would not play the game until it is released. I am currently not playing the BETA until they do get a patch out, but yet I am still joining empty servers and testing out the new engine to get a feel for the new engine of Frostbite 3 while I re-install the game after every join which is very frustrating at the moment. Nonetheless It should be noted that we may see a BETA patch tomorrow.

    By the way, my first Battlefield BETA was on Battlefield 3, but it was the open beta that I had joined, and there must of been a huge list of problems in the Battlefield 3 Exclusive BETA because the open BETA of BF3 was simply not too buggy for me on the Xbox 360 when I first joined.

    • Shawn Sanders

      Hey Justin.
      Are you on AMD or Nvidia video card(s)? If Nvidia, did you grab their beta drivers recommended for the Beta?

      I’m having connection issues here and there. But refreshing and/or restarting the Battlelog seems to handle most of them.

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