The Dark Knight’s newest video game, Batman: Arkham Origins will release this Friday October 25th (already bucking the usual Tuesday release trend). If you’re planning on nabbing a copy anyway you might consider the volume of pre-order bonuses available. We’ll make it easy on you and break it all down.

For those not into in-game bonuses, the best two places to buy are Green Man Gaming for the PC Steam copy and Amazon for any console version (unless you’er into the metal case exclusive at Best Buy). GMG has a 25% coupon for the Steam key for Arkham Origins. The coupon drops the price to $37.50 – a solid $12.49 savings over everywhere else (cold hard cash savings, baby). Use coupon GMG25-GRV7N-YY833

Amazon also has a decent PC download offer, while there’s no price break you get a $10 credit that can be used on anything sold by Amazon, plus a free copy of the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection game (another title published by Warners Bros. Interactive). The $10 credit offer can also be fuond for all console pre-orders of Batman: Arkham Origins. For details on other retailer exclusive in-game bonuses, check below.

Batman: Arkham Origins Pre-Order Comparison

  • PC Gamer? Best Deal is $37.50 at GMG for a Steam key (that’s 25% off) and you’ll also get the pre-order Deathstroke DLC.
  • Console Gamer? The collectible metal case is pretty cool at Best Buy, and alternatively the $10 Amazon credit isn’t anything to scoff at too.
  • Handheld gamer? Your only bet is Amazon for pre-order bonuses.
MSRP Amazon BestBuy GameStop Walmart
PC $49.99 $10 Credit + Deathstroke DLC + MKombat Collectible Metal Case + Deathstroke DLC Deathstroke DLC no bonus
360 / PS3 $59.99 $10 Credit + Deathstroke DLC Collectible Metal Case + Deathstroke DLC Deathstroke DLC + 2 exclusive DLCs Batman Legends Skins Pack
Wii U $49.99 $10 Credit + Deathstroke DLC Collectible Metal Case + Deathstroke DLC Deathstroke DLC no bonus
PS Vita / 3DS $39.99 $10 Credit + Deathstroke DLC no bonus no bonus no bonus

Best Buy’s Exclusive Metal Case for Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins GameStop Metal Case

Best Buy’s exclusive metal case is included on the console versions and is pictured above. If you grab the game at Best Buy, you’ll also get the Deathstroke DLC which is offered almost everywhere else. The metal case is pretty snazzy looking, but if you don’t care to collect and retain the case then this is probably a moot pre-order offer.

A Little More Info on GameStop’s Exclusive DLCs


GameStop has 2 exclusive DLC bonuses: Two Black Mask Challenge Maps, and Joker’s Vandal Online Vanity Pack. The two “Black Mask Challenge Maps” allows you to play as Black Mask in the challenge mode of the game with two exclusive maps. With Joker’s Vandal pack you can play as one of Joker’s thugs in multiplayer. Deathstroke DLC is also included in GameStop’s pre-order offer.

Walmart’s Legends Skin Pack

Walmart’s exclusive bonus is the “Batman Legends Skin Pack”. In this bonus you get 4 skins: Long Halloween Batman, ThrillKiller Batman, Earth 2 Batman, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table. The skins will be playable during the campaign. They become unlcoked when you complete the main story and then can be used in the story campaign, in the challenge maps, and online. Unlike all the other retailers, the Deathstroke DLC does NOT appear to be included in Walmart’s pre-order offering.

batman legends skin pack

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