Cap’n Jack Sparrow can now be played Assassin’s Creed style with Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. The open world historical action-adventure releases on October 29th for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. Soon thereafter she’ll launch on November 12th for the PS4 and November 19th on PC and for the Xbone (I mean… Xbox One).

If you thought Ubisoft had confusing release dates (it gets more complicated when you add in the Japan and EU dates), things are even more complicated on the pre-order DLC front, as each individual retailer gets its own exclusive DLC package.

To make your life easier, we’ve yet again broken down the pre-order bonuses into a comparison table. But if you don’t want to strain your eyes to figure things out, here’s a digest:

  • Best PC Deal: $45.00 pre-order at Gamefly + 3 DLC packs (use coupon: GFDOCT25)
  • Best 360/PS3 Deal: Amazon if you have access to fast shipping
  • Best Xbone/PS4 Deal: Amazon win again, but if you want cash, MS Store Online is giving you $10 in Xbox gift card code credit for the Black Flag pre-order.

Assassin’s Creed IV Pre-Order Exclusives Comparison

GameFly Amazon Gamestop Walmart BestBuy Target
(Nov. 19)
$15 off + 3 DLC packs 3 DLC packs 3 DLC packs
360 / PS3
(Oct. 29)
Hidden Mystery Pack Black Island bonus The Sacrificed Secrets Pack, Release Date Ship Lost Treasures Pack Trove of Mystery Pack
Wii U
(Nov. 12)
same as above same as above same as above same as above same as above
Xbox One / PS4
(Nov. 19)
same as above same as above same as above same as above same as above

PC Pre-Order Bonus is Different from Consoles’

One thing you’ll notice from the comparison table above is that the PC version of Black Flag includes different pre-order incentives from its console counterparts (namely at GameFly, Amazon, and GameStop).

Here’s what the phrase “3 DLC Packs” entails. You’ll be receiving:

  • Captain Kenway’s Legacy Pack: Golden Scimitars and Multiplayer Treasure Hunter Costume
  • Pirates Bounty Pack: German rapiers and Compass Relic
  • Sacrificed Secrets Pack: Extra treasure-hunting mission on Sacrificed Island, plus unlockable Captain Drake’s dual swords and pistols, picture, title, and relics (similar to the Walmart pre-order bonuses)

Breakdown of Each Store’s Pre-Order Bonuses

Amazon’s bonus is The Hidden Mystery Pack. It includes Stede Bonnet’s ship, Stede Bonnet’s costumes, and other MP items. Mr. Stede Bonnet is an interesting historical figure associated with the infamous Blackbeard.

GameStop’s bonus includes The Deadly Black Ship, Legendary Silver Flintlock Pistols used by Captain Morgan, and Captain Morgan’s costume, picture, and title.

Walmart’s package includes The Sacrificed Secrets Pack, which includes Captain Drake’s Dual Wield swords and pistols, Drake’s picture, title, and relics… I think it’s safe to assume this means Sir Francis Drake. Awesome… though as a pirate novice, I wish Ubisoft would let me know for certain.

Best Buy’s offers the Lost Treasures Pack includes the Ivory Wheel and Spyglass Relic. Yep, that’s it.

Target’s exclusive is the Trove of Mystery Pack, including the Iron Wheel and the Astrolab Relic. Again, a bit on the lighter side of things, considering Amazon and GameStop both includes a ship.

Grab Everything Above via PC’s Gold Edition

While Day One DLC is always a bit annoying, I suppose they are less bothersome when you consider them as a pre-order bonus/incentive. Still, for those looking for completeness in their Black Flag experience, your only chance is to get the Gold Edition on the PC (not yet available on the console versions, use coupon GFDOCT25 for Gold Edition).

The Gold Edition of Black Flag combines all the pre-order bonuses listed above from each retailer, plus it includes the Season Pass along with the PS3/PS4 exclusive Aveline Pack. (So much for exclusive?)

Moral of the story? PC gamers with cash to spare can have it all via the Gold Edition – but they’ll have to wait almost 3 weeks later to enjoy Assassin’s Creed IV. Fair trade? *shrug*



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