Nike Fuelband SE-004

It’s a bit trite at this point, but Nike’s Fuelband isn’t the most accurate of all wrist worn pedometers. I expressed this in my review of the Fuelband over a year ago.  And while my stance hasn’t changed, I also still believe it’s one of the coolest looking, as well as most revolutionary products to come out of the company.

Today, Nike announced the second iteration of the Fuelband, the Fuelband SE.  This version of the wrist worn pedometer adds Bluetooth 4.0 such that the device is always connected with your iPhone, and should no longer require you to hold the button and select the Sync option.  More over, Nike has improved the circuitry for improved flexibility, increased water resistance (read: it’s still not waterproof), and added a number of subtle colorways.

In addition to updating the internals of the Fuelband, and slathering them with a new coat of paint, they’ve also updated the accompanying Fuelband app.  Unfortunately, Nike didn’t make it clear which of the following features will make it into the old version of the Fuelband via a firmware updated, but here is a quick list for your review.

1. Sessions

Finally.  I’ve long waited for this feature.  Now, when you set out on a run, hit the gym, or perform any activity you can activate a session, allowing you to record your “Fuel” for that particular workout. Sessions can be activated directly on the Fuelband or within the app.

2. Win the Hour

It sounds a bit odd, but it makes sense.  As a society, we tend to sit all day, then go work out.  If you’re doing this, your doing it wrong.  For a truly healthy lifestyle you need to be on the move throughout the day.  The Fuelband will now prompt you to get moving and try to achieve their goal for the hour.

3. Fuel Rate

This is more a Fuel intensity; how fast you’re earning that Fuel by the minute.  It’s a good way to determine how balanced your day is, and how balanced your workout it.  Or perhaps how intense a particular part of your workout is.  This could help you optimize your workout, and reduce how extreme you’re moving and in turn conserve energy for another leg of your circuit.

4. Groups

This one is a bit obscure, but it would seem that Nike is focusing on group training.  So instead of just being friends on the Nike App, which is already available, you can now train together and attempt to hit a “group goal”.

5. Double Tap for Time

Instead of tapping the button to cycle through the different read outs, you’ll be able to double tap the button and instantly display the time.  I know I’ll welcome this feature with open arms, provided it makes it to the first iteration of the device.

6. New Milestones

For those big on “winning”, Nike has added new milestones to the app, such as one or two million NikeFuel banners.  This will also include milestones for sessions, groups and more.

7. Nike+ Move App

If you don’t own a Fuelband, there is still good news.  On November 6th, Nike will finally launch the Nike+ Move app in the iOS app store.  And if you own an iPhone 5s, it will work in tandem with the handset’s M7 processor to keep tabs on your daily and weekly steps.

8. On Sale and the Colors

Of note, the new Fuelband will release on November 6th and will cost $149.  New colorways include Black and the Sport Pack colors of Volt, Pink Foil or Total Crimson.

Christen Costa

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