arlier this month, word spread that Apple would host an event on October 22nd.  At the time it was all but confirmed.  That is until today, when Apple finally sent out invites to the press for such an event.

That said, Apple was hardly explicit as to what they’ll be unveiling by stating “We still have a lot to cover”.  So what does this mean?  Consider these…

Apple Event

1. New iPads

Images of a new frame/body have already emerged, showing a design that is more analogous to that of the iPad Mini.  The result is said to be a slimmer body.  Internally you can expect a bump to the new A7 processor as found inside the iPhone 5s, as well as the addition of the Touch ID Sensor.

2. iPad Mini Retina

This is practically a must for Apple.  Especially in light of the Kindle HDX and the Nexus 7 (2013), both which sport high rez screens that leave the iPad Mini in the proverbial dust.  It’s arguable that the iPad Mini will get the same processor bump as the the full sized iPad, but I’d expect the Touch ID Sensor to make the cut.

3. New Macbook Pros

The Airs were bumped to the Haswell generation of Intel chips, so it stands to reason that the new Macbook Pros will get the same treatment.  In addition to a bump in computing power, you can also expect improved battery life thanks to the Haswell‘s improved efficiency, as seen in the Macbook Airs of this year.

4. New Apple TV

It’s hard to say what Apple will do here.  But there is a chance they’ll make a slight tweak just so they can grab some additional holiday sales by refreshing a product.

5. iPod Touch

I wouldn’t expect much in terms of actual specs with the iPod Touches.  The device is on its way out, though Apple could dial in new colorways like the iPhone 5c and grab some cash while the product still have a shelf life.

6. New Mac Pro

Apple showed the brand new,  cylindrical Mac Pro off a few months ago.  However, at the time they didn’t say when it will go on sale.  It’s likely they’ll announce both pricing and a launch date at the event.  I’d expect it to go on sale this month, and start shipping within days of the announcement.  Price?  Probably north of $2,500 and less than $4,000.

7. OS X Mavericks

Expect final deets, release date and pricing info about OS X Mavericks.  It’s the next iteration of OS X, though early reports indicate that it’s more iterative than evolutionary.   Good, because I’m just getting use to Mountain Beast, or whatever it’s called.  I can never remember what iteration we’re on, but I’m on the latest.

8. Touchscreen iMac

Keep dreaming.  Apple just updated the iMac, so they’re not about to supplant that with a new one.  Nevertheless, this is something that will eventually happen, just not in 2013.

Apple Event October 22nd

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