10 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop (list)

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Laptop Mistakes
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6 Comments to 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop (list)

  1. I’ve been purchasing HP products (laptops, desktops, printers from every end of the price spectrum) and will continue to do so. In fact I *look* for their products when shopping. Toshiba, Sony, IBM and others all couldn’t run away fast enough when I needed their support. HP was always there and always resolved the issue one way or another. One ongoing printer issue had them finally send one of their engineers to my office. THey’ve been more than reasonable when admitting to problems (try getting Apple to do that), even if it finally required free replacements and shipping. But most of their stuff has been extremely reliable for me at home and work. At least they try. More than can be said for the others.

      • Jordan Goodson

        I’m actually happy to hear some positive feedback regarding HP. My experience has always been negative in regards to them and I can only write honestly from my own perspective. If they work for you, then my opinion differs from yours. I prefer to avoid the hassle of dealing with them altogether after years of dancing around their Support system regarding warranties and faulty hardware.

  2. Warranty is what makes laptops worth keeping. I had mother board replaced twice, harddisk once all within the warranty period for my dell laptop.

    • Jordan Goodson

      Warranties are a tricky subject for me and in my experience depends on the company providing the warranty. The language expressed in warranties is key and should be read completely. I’ve had to deal with hardware issues that should be covered by warranties but are refused due to other non-related damages to the product. I’ve also learned that some renters insurer’s will cover damages to tech hardware and provide replacements faster than it would take for some extended warranty providers.

  3. Registeredwithem

    Number 10 again and again.

    Plus, HP tech support is the worst in a world of universally crap support.
    (I have experience with 3 other manufacturers to compare.)

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