10 iPhone 5s Features That Can’t Be Beat By Any Other Handset

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14 Comments to 10 iPhone 5s Features That Can’t Be Beat By Any Other Handset

  1. Apple, Samsung or HTC
    its all boils down to a person’s preferences in options.
    But none can deny one truth… Nothing can beat the quality of Apple products!

  2. Piggybacking on #7, let’s not forget how all galaxys start to lag terribly after a few months of use. Would be interesting to run performance tests on 6 month old iphones vs galaxys.

  3. Peter Pehrson

    Part 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10 are actually superceded by the Galaxy S4 even though it came out before the iCrap.

    Part 1 has never been a real security feature, and will be superceded on the next Nexus which will have a retina scanner feature in the camera.

  4. HTC one has beats audio that’s why they have the best sound. It sort of looks like a fake iPhone with the aluminum body at the end of the day it’s what you like and I prefer the iPhone over an android

  5. Your title is incorrect. Some of these categories have already been conquered by other phones. The HTC one has much better speakers for when it’s laying on its back and the galaxy Note 3 has a better slow-mo feature due to its top of the line sensor and processor. And as for your size category, that’s just complete opinion. If your looking for a phone that has a better size then just look at almost every other smartphone.

  6. So you’re telling me the speakerphone is better than on the HTC one?
    The HTC one speakers actually face you and are much more loud and clear.

    • gadgetreview

      Hmmm…you have a valid point about the HTC One. But that’s outside of the pocket. In the pocket, those speakers can be easily muffled. Now, the same thing can happen to the iPhone, unless of course you have the iPhone upside down in your pocket.

      • Poppasmurffie

        Would just like to say, You all have great points, I love the Apple iPhone and will always love it. I “don’t like” Samsung’s because in my opinion they are just knockoffs and if you take android of them they are completely useless. Its a personal preference for everybody buying a phone and after reading all the above I couldn’t care less about the Note having better Slow mo, or the HTC having better audio. The iPhone is for people driven by image, not some cheap knockoff or a carbon copy. iPhones are expensive but iphones don’t fall and loose their battery, sim or other parts that can be removed. The build quality is superior to any other smart phone on the market and will continue to be for a very long time. That’s all I go to say.

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