What–for–ever did the industry do before YouTube. Very rarely did we get see such complex and protracted gameplay reveals for games that weren’t either shown at a press junket or sent in a weighted down asset package via the US Postal Service, the most reliable living dinosaur. Make no mistake, we’re thankful you, YouTube. Without you we wouldn’t get stellar gameplay pieces, like this one of Ubisoft’s latest starring the techno hacking heretic of a virtual Chicago. Like the extended BF4 campaign trailer reveal, this clocks in at a quarter of an hour long, which seems to be a pleasant revelatory trend.

If you haven’t divined the obvious, this is 14min of emergent gameplay within the single player campaign of Watch_Dogs. The narrator is keen to note, the gameplay within is not part of a specific mission. Think of it like the time between missions similar to the recent Grand Theft Auto series. A reoccurring theme in the Watch_Dogs marketing initiative is “Everything can be hacked”. Jaded gamer tend to know, these are more buzzwords than promises. I’m sure toilets and sex toys are off limits–well partially sure. Because the more I see of the game doing its thing, the more I question my disbelief. Much and more is hackable that’s for sure and we plan to spend a good deal of time sussing out the limits.

But the most impressive piece of this gameplay trailer comes at the end when another human player seamlessly enters the player’s game. The initial protagonist is unaware until the silent intruder begins hacking his system/phone by uploading a backdoor virus. Before the virus upload is complete the initial player has a chance to locate and stop the hacker by all means necessary. Check it out!


Shawn Sanders

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