If you don’t recall, earlier this year (May to be more exact) I told you about TrackingPoint’s new rifle system that effectively aims the gun for you.  To be clear, there are no robotic components – I’m sure that’s to come, much like a Robocop nemesis.

By performing a variety of complex calculations that would otherwise could only be performed by a trained assassin, TrackingPoint’s system can tell the shooter when to squeeze the trigger by turning what was the traditional scope into something akin to a video game.  It’s creepy cool, and while I can’t whole heartedly agree that “democratizing accuracy”, or really shooting is a good thing, it most certainly warrants a look given the topical nature of guns and the controversy that surrounds them.

So where am I going with this?  Well, the folks from Motherboard shot a 23-minute documentary about the gun and needless to say I think you should watch it.


Christen Costa

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