Don’t want to look like a tourist when you’re traveling to new places? Don’t worry, the Triposo Travel Belt will let you travel like a local. Triposo makes apps that let you travel like a local and their latest Indiegogo campaign is of an innovative bet that will guide you to your destination by buzzing you around so you don’t have to look at your phone all the time. Using the belt is simple since all you have to do is download the Triposo app and then choose your destination.

The app will know where exactly you are and where you’re headed and will send signals to the belt once you start moving, alerting you as to which direction to go. The belt will make one of he four vibration motors in the belt buzz left, right, straight or back. The belt comes with a cable that connects your smartphone to the bet and it uses the headphone jack so it will work with any device, iOS or Android. The belt might even send you down a couple of streets you had not planned on seeing, but that’s the best part of traveling like a local since you get to  explore new places other tourists wouldn’t have known about. Pledge $50 to get the world’s first travel belt.

Triposo Travel Belt

Kristie Bertucci

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