Time Warner Cable vs DirecTV (comparison)

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Which TV Service to Get
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23 Comments to Time Warner Cable vs DirecTV (comparison)

  1. I am seriously considering leaving TWC to go to DirecTV to save money. I only want TV, I have phone and internet from FiOS. For TWC I need to pay nearly $200 a month and that is for ZERO premium channels, but their HD package, and 3 DVRs for my house. They even charge for the remote controls. It’s crazy. Plus they were down for nearly 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy when power was back in 2 days and FiOS was never down at all.

    Anyway reading this the section about TV anywhere they give to TWC is wrong. They claim there are 300 channels you can watch anywhere with you TWC ID. THat is WRONG. There is only a handful of channels you can watch while away from your home- and most all of them suck. No History channel or Discovery or anything like that. Basically the only 2 I would consider watching are NY1 and BBC America. The full 300 channels is only available when you are accessing it from your TWC Home Internet account.

    I’ve called TWC twice in recent months trying to figure our a cheaper plan, now they have a whole house DVR- when we worked out the pricing they said it would cost MORE to replace my 3 DVRs with 1 whole house DVR and 2 basic boxes- I was livid.

  2. I’m soo happy I’m getting rid of the weather station and getting cable back. If you live where there is no bad weather than its pretty much left to price comparison on which one to choose. My signal would go out anytime it rained, snowed, cloudy, or was too sunny. What a piece of garbage. I paid the cancellation fee and got back cable. After you buy the Gennie and the basic channels that you want(not including HBO or other paid movie channels) the package quickly adds up to around 140 a monthly then add internet and your at 180. The 29.99 deal they advertise is for non HD and crap channels and don’t think you can upgrade easily because regular signal and HD are a whole new device system that needs to be reinstalled(new receivers,dish). I did get the 29.99 and found it sucked sooo bad and I was locked in for 2years I had to upgrade. Just beware.

  3. Tired of DirecTv

    Had TWC bundle for years at our other house before moving just outside the service area two years ago. We like everything about where we live now being rural except for not having a choice but to go with satellite and it’s signal loss during bad weather. Basic HD DirecTv, no premium channels ($115 with two boxes) and I still pay more than I did with TWC ($105) for TV with HD, phone (free long distance?), and 12 MB (? maybe more ?) internet, plus $7 for an Tivo HD box. Now I have to pay $115 for tv and another $53 for the snail pace 3 MB DSL that comes with local call only phone service unless I want to pay $10 more for long distance, except we really just use our cell phones. If internet was faster I could at least consider streaming. Problem is the current connection sucks so bad that if one of us is using the internet and we try to use a cell phone, that uses an inside extender connected to the internet, then our call usually drops mid conversation.

    I would really prefer TWC.

  4. BullzEye

    I know here anytime we bad weather or even cloudy days our DirecTv service goes to crap and will be down for quite a while so long as its cloudy or inclement weather. With Time Warnwr being a Hard-Wired system you do not have to worry about issues like that. So they wiuldd also have the edge up on service dependability and durability. Then you add in the fact alot of Satellite dealers or service providers deal BOTH with Dish and DirecTv, so you will be constantly bugged by them with them trying to sale the OTHER service to you. If you switch several months later they will be back to gwt you to switch back to the kther one. TwC you do not have to worry abiut that. TWC has the edge up in that area as well.

  5. What about the quality of the signal? If the quality on my TV screen is markedly different between the services, that makes all the difference. How can you compare services if this isn’t a MAJOR part of the review?
    I just installed Direct TV yesterday. From what I can tell after one very short evening’s viewing, Direct TV’s HD signal, particularly on the local channels, is inferior. The Genie is great and the controller is much smarter than TWC’s. However, I’m about to call and complain about the quality of the picture I’m getting. We’ll see if ‘m stuck with a 2 year contract.

    • Translation: I work for TWC but live outside of their footprint, or I actually work for a “contractor”, because only an idiot would not take FREE cable.

    • We’ve had DTV for 38 yrs.! Love it so very much., country living, in trees, in Ohio, in incliement weather and we’ve very, VERY SELDOM ever lost service and never for long. Now, we’re moving and I’ve been told I must switch to TW, to save $$$, with their pkg. Admittedly, our DSL for internet is nothing to brag about and I will surely enjoy the faster TW internet, but very sad to read about TW’s issues. I also read in news that they are dropping channels many times when conflicting with the cost of some satellite service channels. That’s not good with cust. service; however, it just might be kinda like the Auto industry and TW is currently the frontrunner with $$ issues (like GM would be with union strikes). With so many advising me to go cable here in Ohio country, a phone call last fall resulted in my cost being $7,000 to get it (now it’s already supplied to neighbors in both directions that aren’t 1/3 mi apart, with me in the middle), and a recent request for service resulted in $9,000 charge. I am not interested in paying their entire “plant cost”, when they will benefit for generations to come!. Gr-r-r-r! I LOVE MY DTV, but their internet is very poor, so we have to be satisfied with DSL via Century Link which is still not comparable to TW speed, I’ve heard!

  6. This was a biased or uninformed review. TWC offers free On-demand service that requires no extra equipment or installation. With Direct TV VOD, you must have high speed Internet access and wireless adapter to even access it. Direct TV is clearly the lower when it comes to VOD.

    Secondly, I don’t even like football, so the Sunday ticket is a moot point. Considering that you must call and cancel it before the next season starts or it will automatically recur at it’s regular price on $399.

    I’ve worked for both companies, and I’ll be honest… Direct TV seems like it’s for people who just want to show off, be the big man with all the HD channels, and a football package. I get it, cable is not “edgy” enough. That black wire hanging out of the wall doesn’t say enough about who you are and what you’re about. You need a huge metal dish on your roof, so people can know you overpay for your programming. In some rural areas, it’s the only choice they have.

    Time Warner Cable is for if you just want TV, phone, Internet. Nothing super special, just home entertainment. For those who just want to keep it simple. No big, elaborate, satellite dish needed. Hence, lower costs, lower deposit amounts. Time Warner Cable wants customers, Direct TV doesn’t. Especially with its strict credit check and $200 deposit if you fail. And if you fail, whatever offer they have is NOT available to you. If you want that Sunday ticket free and that HD/DVR… Your credit better check out.

    • Satellite companies work like cell phone companies did a long time ago before thewanted to be competitive. Shove all the down sides in the fine print and hope no one reads it.
      You make good points about Direct’s wanna be on demand…. its more like on request…..and wait and wait…. especially if you bundled with stone age DSL internet.

    • Not true I just got dtv n my credit isnt great , I passed the credit check n got my premier package for $1 yes I said $1, without perfect credit

    • QUOTE FROM “C_Lovick7″ — “Direct TV seems like it’s for people who just want to show off, be the big man with all the HD channels, and a football package. I get it, cable is not “edgy” enough. That black wire hanging out of the wall doesn’t say enough about who you are and what you’re about.”

      Possibly the stupidest comment I have ever read on the subject.

  7. I gotta say I like Directv a lot better than Time Warner! The Service at Time Warner is just crap so we switched and LOVE our dish!

  8. Time Warner Guy

    As a Time Warner employee, you failed to mention one very important aspect of TV service, and that’s the service part. I’ve worked as a repair tech for many years, and in all that time, I have only ever charged a customer maybe two times for a service call. With the satellite providers there’s a charge just for them to knock on your door. And I know at least in my case I’m good at my job and very knowledgeable. Also, in my experience it seems that cable service is more reliable then satellite.

    • Twc n service not sure where u service but twc in ohio SUCKS bad they lied to me three times without ever calling me to notify me they wouldn’t arrive as scheduled they just didnt show n this happened three times with twc blamed it on some type of switch over n the phones never work geshhhh

  9. Interesting. That’s something that’s hard to substantiate from my perspective. I appreciate your comment though!

  10. You didn’t mention reception. Every time it rained or snowed we lost DirecTV signal. In the case of snow we had to go out amd hose the snow of the dish to regain siqnal. Cancelled DirecTV and signed with TWC. No problems since!

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