iPhone 5 Discontinued

I didn’t see this coming: Apple has discontinued the iPhone 5.  Don’t believe me?  Head to AT&T or the official online Apple store and it will be no where to be found.

Why?  Simply put, the iPhone 5c.  It’s basically a cheaper (to make) iPhone 5 and likely costs Apple less to produce.  But I can’t help but wonder where the remaining iPhone 5 inventory has gone?  Ebay?  Foreign markets?  Or perhaps a very deep and dark black hole, otherwise known as an Apple stock room.  Presumably Apple has to keep some iPhone 5s (thats plural, not S) on hand as replacements for those still in warranty.

Nevertheless, this is a first for the company, and is further exemplified in strangeness by the very fact that Apple still sells the now two year old 8GB iPhone 4s for no money down.