Have you traversed our country’s reputable American Whiskey Trail? Ok, to be fair that’s a trick question, because it’s truly the path less travelled–albeit physically. The American Whiskey Trail is a promotional program to promote the distilled beverage industry of the United States. It’s been a “thing” since 2004. It includes 14 of the most historic U.S. distilleries all of which are still in operation and open to the public. Yet two additional purveyors of our nation’s favorite “hooch” reside outside our borders.

One of these is the highly exalted, immensely satisfying Cruzan Rum distillery (pronounced KRU-zhun). I can vouch for the golden brown elixir for which the company is known. It’s damn good and has to be for Cruzan’s distillery to be included in the American Whiskey Trail. You know, for not being whiskey and all. That’s right, people “rum!” Found in the majestic St. Croix on the Virgin Islands, the Cruzan Rum distillery has been in operation for over 300 years. A lot of Rum flows through this watering hole. It’s no wonder the company claims the title of “the most honored rum distillery in the world.”

Yet to enjoy a taste of St, Croix’s finest, Cruzan welcomes you to the “Don’t Hurry” lifestyle only a true connoisseur of fine Rum can appreciate. Cruzan Rum “flows freely” on the island of the Don’t Hurry where even a snail’s pace work ethic is incessantly frowned upon. One can’t appreciate the intoxicating ambrosia that is Cruzan Rum without lowering your burden and embracing a lax, duty-free lifestyle. So raise your glass–just don’t raise it too high. You could strain vital drinking muscles.

This post is sponsored by Cruzan Rum

Christen Costa

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