iOS 7 has brought all sorts of goodies to the yard, and one of those goodies is iTunes Radio. But if you were hoping to replace your local radio stations with custom streaming music, and considering how awful radio is who can blame you, you might want to start loving Nissan.

For Nissans Only

Essentially, Nissan is the “exclusive launch partner” for iTunes Radio. What, precisely, that means is an open question as neither Nissan nor Apple were coughing up much in the way of details. But we do know that this will be through 2013, and presumably apply to model years as a feature going forward.

What Vehicles?

This also won’t apply to the entire Nissan line. People who hate electric cars and associate Apple with tofu-eating liberals will probably be less than surprised, but still blow a gasket, that the Nissan LEAF will be coming with this functionality, meaning your iPhone might finally have a battery big enough to last longer than a day.

Also, the Nissan Versa Note and, one assumes, the Nissan Rogue will have some form of iTunes Radio integration. Nissan is testing this a bit before rolling out all the features, obviously, but one assumes that they want to get this into more vehicles more quickly.

Open Questions, And Ads


Somewhat buried in all of this is an off-hand mention that, oh yeah, Nissan is embracing iAd, and that buying a Nissan with this functionality gives you “exclusive content” around Nissan… in other words, buy a Nissan with iTunes Radio, and get ads, and lots of them.

That’s probably what Apple gets out of this partnership, the ability to test iAd in cars… and then, perhaps, a chance to go after terrestrial radio, which isn’t exactly in the greatest position right now. As for what Nissan gets, well, enjoy your “exclusive content.”

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.