Nintendo 2DS

In cased you missed it, last week Nintendo announced an all new portable gaming system.  Okay, that’s a gross embellishment, and perhaps so to make a point.  Nintendo announced something called the 2DS.

The 2DS is basically a 3DS without the 3D.  So yes, that top screen that showed you three dimensional imagery is now bye-bye and has been replaced with a traditional 2D LCD screen.  That said, the 2DS’s displays have remained the same in terms of size and from my understanding so have all of the other hardware, including the 3D capable cameras, save for the design.

Now instead of that familiar clamshell form factor, which protected the portable gaming system’s buttons and directional pad, the 2DS is a straight slab of plastic that doesn’t fold or contort.  Moreover, the placement of the buttons and the directional pad sits higher on the 2DS compared to the 3DS – this should result in greater comfort, especially over long gaming periods since the system will be better balanced in the hand.

I’d like to think the new design has lowered Nintendo’s cost.  In fact, the 2DS costs $129.99, a $40 discount over the 3DS, but remember it comes with a sacrifice: it doesn’t have a 3D screen and nor does it fold closed making it less pocket friendly.  It does however work with all 3DS compatible games.

Kotaku says that the 2DS comes with all the same software built-in as the 3DS, and you’re so keen you can buy a carrying case for $12.99.  There is also a user interchangeable battery, the inclusion of a 4GB SD card, and a stylus.

So would you buy a 2DS over 3DS?  Is $70 worth the compromise?  Clearly, Nintendo thinks so, and since they’re announcing the 2DS just before the holidays, they’re anticipating that shoppers (i.e. parents) will be looking for alternatives to the expensive next-gen consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4.

Christen Costa

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