iPhone 5S vs. HTC One (spec comparison)

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HTC one vs iPhone 5s
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10 Comments to iPhone 5S vs. HTC One (spec comparison)

    • gadgetreview

      At a certain point it’s a moot issue. The diff b/t a 720p and 1080p isn’t discernible on a 5-inch display.

  1. The HTC One is so much better than the iPhone (speed, camera, sound, design, screen size etc.) and turns heads more than the iPhone. This whole article is flawed.

  2. Carlo Borromeo

    The HTC one trumps the 5s in almost all categories except for the camera I guess but 5s still wins? Stupid article.

  3. Why do people talk about phone like it’s objective? I’m 192cm tall and have a 23cm hand span: an iPhone doesn’t “fit comfortably in my hand” and I can almost touch the entire keyboard with my thumb…

    For a small woman I dare say it’s uncomfortably big, but for my it’s frankly a bit feeble: there is no “right size” for everyone.

  4. The iPhone 5s doesn’t turn heads. The iPhone has looked the same for over a year and iOS 7 is just a new icon theme.

    • georgePburdell

      Exactly. Same same for years. What an apple shill writing this article!

      Half as much memory, half as many cores, 1/3 less pixels, 1/3 less speed, closed application environment, worse sound, but the iPhone is better? Can’t argue with logic like this ???

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