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Why, precisely, the phablet is popular, or at least popular enough to merit more than one on the market, is completely beyond me. Well, not completely, I suppose, but they’re a bit of “neither fish nor fowl” when it comes to form factors. And even by that standard, the HTC One Max seems to be pushing it.

When Is A Phablet A Tablet?

The HTC One Max has a 5.9 inch screen. That is, precisely, 1.1 inches shorter than the Nexus 7 and .2 inches bigger than the Galaxy Note, but as you can see in the comparison shot that leaked above, .2 inches can really make a difference; this thing dwarfs Samsung’s take on the phablet, the Galaxy Note 3. But it’s not just in the length, but how you use it, and there the One Max might be coming up a bit short.

Big Screen, Middling Specs

The current leak holds that basically the One Max surrenders everything to size. It’s got the same chip as the One, a Snapdragon 600, which isn’t bad but for a tablet isn’t great, either. The body is plastic and aluminum instead of having an all-aluminum form, and really the only difference is that the One Max has a roomier battery… which, really, it would kind of need to. At least you’re not getting ripped off; by all accounts the One Max will cost about the same as the HTC One does currently.

A Smartphone For Grandma?


As it stands, if this leak is true, it’s difficult at best to see what the market is for the One Max. Part of the appeal of tablets is that they’re more powerful and flexible than some smartphones, and if you’re selling anything close to the size of the Nexus 7, you’d better be willing to bring some thunder. So, for now, perhaps consider seeing when this hits the market and deciding then.

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