Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order Bonus Comparison

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20 Comments to Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order Bonus Comparison

  1. Just got an email saying my copy was shipped. Maybe it really will come on the 17th.

    Now I’m just waiting on the coupon code :). I hope it comes soon, I want TBOGT

      • Just got another email, it should be here on the 17th!

        ” We’re happy to let you know that you’re now guaranteed to receive it on the day it releases, September 17th! And you’ll also be getting those 1600 Xbox points as part of the deal. So get ready, it’s almost here. “

  2. “Unfortunately, the free shipping doesn’t mean you get the game on release day, just that the game will be shipped come Sep 17.”

    According to the GTAV pre-order page at Microsoft’s website, they’re going to get it to people on release day if you pre-order by 6pm on 9/15.

  3. Probably worthwhile mentioning that you avoid any sales tax on the PSN purchase as well, so it works out a bit cheaper (13% cheaper in Ontario).

  4. Can we stop with the stvpid pre-release offers? Just put the effen game out there and let people buy it from who they want and when they want.

    • Pre-release offers are for the retailers. It’s how they differentiate themselves in hopes of getting you to purchase the game at gamestop rather than bestbuy

  5. Michael Martin

    if you are a Gamers unlocked member with best buy, you get $20 best buy gift card for preordering, you get the gift card when you pay for the game, after preordering it….

  6. So same day shipping beats 75% off a bunch of other Rockstar games? I think the PSN bonus takes the cake, though requires additional purchases, so I guess by its a matter of perspective. But I think the PSN bonus deserves to be on your list at least.

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