Update: Its Tuesday and FIFA 14 is now out! Deals mentioned below that are still valid can be found at GMG and Amazon.

EA Sports’s FIFA 14 hits the shelves tomorrow, September 24th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Despite not having any straight up discounts available, there’s still enough pre-order bonus incentive alive to justify a day early purchase. The best deals we’ve found are below:

  • Best PC pre-order deal: Grab at Green Man Gaming with your choice of an $8 Credit or $5 Cash Back plus you get the standard preorder package with 24 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold packs.
  • Best Xbox 360 & PS3 pre-order deal: The best overall online value is Amazon with a $10 bonus credit and extra preorder bonses – but if you want the game on the release date and get a $10 bonus go with Best Buy.

There are some notable preorder incentives from every retailer. These include the 24 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Packs,

GMG Amazon NewEgg Walmart GameStop BestBuy Origin
PC $8 Credit or $5 Cash Back $5 Credit, AdidasBundle, Club Kits n/a n/a No Extras n/a Pro Boosters
360 n/a $10 Credit, AdidasBundle, Club Kits $10 Gift card $10 eGift card Celebration Bundle $10 Reward Certificates Pro Boosters
PS3 n/a $10 Credit, AdidasBundle, Historic Club Kits $10 Gift card $10 eGift card Celebration Bundle $10 Reward Certificates Pro Boosters


Behold, the $10 console bonus. It’s a no brainer, the $10 bonus is decent preorder offer. It’s really just up to you which retailer you choose, but it’s notable that you get some extra goodies at Amazon and Best Buy is probably the best if you want the game in a hurry.

No other retailer offers free store pickup except Best Buy. Just preorder the game now, get your $10 reward zone incentive. Notice though, that at Best Buy you’ll need to be a Rewards Zone member (now renamed “My Best Buy Membership”) which is free to signup.

Amazon includes a few exclusives worth noting: you’ll receive the “adidas bundle” and “Historic Club Kits upgrades”. It adds up to a load of in-game content including 2 pairs of adidas boots, 2 balls, and the adidas All-Star Team. The Historic Club Kit also gets you instant access to a collection of historic team kits.

GameStop’s exclusive “Celebration Bundle” includes “The Business,” “The Wave” and “The Belly Flop” celebrations. While maybe not as enticing as the $10 bonuses found elsewhere, this bundle actually has its own video ad and is exclusive to GameStop.

The EA Origin Store’s “Pro Boosters” upgrade DLC gets the player five Pro Boosts which is described as “turn your online pro into a star, upgrading passing, shooting, ball skills and more.”

What you won’t find any offers on right now: Xbox ONE, PS4, PS Vita. Despite the fact the Vita comes out tomorrow, you don’t get the same incentives as the major consoles or PC. The Xbone and PS4 titles are set to release November 12th.

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