Comcast XFINITY vs. DISH (comparison)

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13 Comments to Comcast XFINITY vs. DISH (comparison)

  1. Dish network is the future of the satellite tv services. it is the no.1 satellite service in the United states. the following things make dish network no.1
    It has more then 35 million customers.
    It is leader in international programming.
    It is leader in hd programming.
    Most economical services.
    programming in more then 28 different languages.
    dish network is economical but sometimes the bill does go out of hand. And for this reason there is a department of promotions and discounts. i belong to the very same department our job is to give discounts to our customers up to 40% and we also give premium movie channels like HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME and CINEMAX for free upto 3 months and when the discount is about to end we call back our customers to apply the discounts again. it includes one time service charges.
    Now one may ask that what is for dish to give discounts to its customer, its quite simple giving customers discount makes sure that the customers remain satisfied with our services and dont leave and keep up using dish network. And there is no need for a new contract to apply discounts. many customers think that the discounts are only for the new customers. It was true a year ago , but because alot of customers leaving dish made dish network change thier minds so now dish gives its old customers more discounts then the new one. so if anyone is interested to get more info and discounts he/she can contact me on my e-mail and give his number ill contact from my office and help him out
    Our office is located at504 main street, fermington,hardfore county zip 66032

  2. I tried DISH TV for 2 years. During that time, my free movies disappeared, my number of channels were reduced, and my monthly bill increased. I never got the free hopper as advertized because there was a high extra unadvertised monthly fee associated with it. A remote control given to me by the DISH installer for my bedroom TV worked sporadically. Maximum HD resolution was only 1080i, and DISH charged me $20 to return their equipment.

    I switched back to cable TV because they offered me free HBO for two years, and a lower monthly bill than DISH. Maximum HD resolution is 1080p, and cable doesn’t charge me to return their equipment.

  3. I’ve been a WA State Comcast customer for many years. My experience has been, for the most part, very positive. Their home service technicians are so helpful and polite. Ninety percent of the time I’ve had a positive experience with telephone support staff.

    Negative comments: Their “Chat” service is useless. I believe it is outsourced. They have also outsourced some technical calls, and once again, those calls have been incredibly frustrating because they don’t know what they are doing and their main purpose seems to be to sell you their technical support package. When I called the main Comcast number to complain, the rep told me they had tried outsourcing but were beginning to bring it back to the States because of the complaints.

    Comcast has a “Customer Loyalty” department that most people don’t even know about until they call to cancel. Their kind and helpful reps work with me, finding me specials and discounts that allow me to stay a Comcast customer, get the channels I enjoy watching, and stay within the budgetary limits of my fixed income.

    But, as helpful as this department is, most customers don’t know they can do this on a regular basis. For example, my mother, a senior on a fixed income, was paying almost $240.00 a month for phone, internet, and cable, more than her electric, gas, and water/sewer bills combined! I called Comcast for her and was able to get her bill reduced almost $90.00 for the period of one year.

    But why should we have to call? Why doesn’t Comcast just reduce their rates and stop adding more and more complex and unneeded features? Or just offer basic packages without those additional features? One doesn’t buy cake when all one needs is bread, right? We should have more choices.

    CAVEAT: These specials DO end, so one needs to keep track on one’s calendar and be sure to call in again BEFORE the special ends or the next bill will be an unpleasant surprise.

    • I agree with you. I am tired of Comcast raising rates and then taking channels off. I do not know anyone who wants to pay more for less. Seriously thinking of switching to Dish.

      • The good rates of DISH (like Comcast) are only good for a year. After that, both jack up the rates.

        Until they change these rate policies, I supposed the best way to go is to switch back and forth every year to continually receive the lower “New customer” rate!

  4. KTM20 Rick

    I am a current long time Comcast customer. However, I am about to become a former Comcast customer. They are too big and have evil devil-like attributes. I don’t play with the devil.

    • i was just treated like garbage by cust serv at comcast. goodbye. i dont give a ratys ass if i pay more witjh dish, comcast is done

      • I just got snubbed by ‘chat service’ on comcast. wanted to ad some spanish channels. Am seriously considering changing providers…



    • Just wait until something goes wrong with your Internet.
      Comcast requires an $80 payment over the phone to talk to a professional
      Tech. Comcast customer service is a joke.

      • Weird, I’ve never paid a dime for help with my internet in 6 years. Not sure where you live……

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