Control of the humidity can do wonders for the comfort of your house, or at least keep your allergies from killing you. But most humidifiers are pretty dumb, if we’re being honest. Breath is looking to change that.

A More Sensitive Humidifier

We should clarify that by “dumb”, we mean they’re designed to do one job, and that job is pump out mist. It doesn’t have the tool to realize that, hey, maybe it’s pumping out too much mist. Or not enough. Or maybe this is the wrong time of day to pump out mist. Hence, Breath is equipped with a humidity sensor that, when on auto mode, will adjust how it’s humidifying the room accordingly. No fiddling with knobs, no struggling to figure out the precise humidity, just set it and go.

This also means you’re wasting less water and electricity making a room more humid than it needs or wants to be. So it’s a bit greener, as well, and powerful; it can humidify up to 400 square feet.

It’s Also A Good Humidifier!

Lest we forget, it’s also pretty good at that whole “humidifying” thing. It uses ultrasonics to create and disperse the mist, and it has a capacity of 3.15 liters. It’s also designed to be fairly simple to use; everything about Breath works by pressing just one button. True, you’ll still need to figure out if you like Low or High, but at least setting it to Auto won’t be a chore. Just press the button; an orange LED will tell you if it’s on standby.

Well Designed, As Well


Finally, in a nice touch, this isn’t some hideous box from the 1980s, unlike some humidifiers, it’s an elegantly designed device that’s fairly discreet into the bargain. The Breath isn’t on US shore just yet, but keep an eye out; it should be arriving soon.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.