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iOS7 is out and all your friends have gone ahead and taken the plunge and upgraded their iDevices. You however, have held off. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable performing an OS upgrade yourself, perhaps you just don’t want to jump on the bandwagon like everyone else, and there’s also the possibility that you just want to know more about the latest iOS version before you make the change. Whatever the reason, trying to justify your decision to hold out to your friends and co-workers is a pain none should have to deal with. I’ve compiled a list of reasons to help keep your friends at bay.

1. You’re Jailbroken

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If you’ve taken the steps to jailbreak your iPhone/Pod/Pad and are enjoying the splendor of being able to install 3rd party software, you may just want to hold off on the upgrade to iOS7. While I’m sure the broadminded individuals behind the jailbreaking community are diligently working on providing root access to iOS7, they have yet to release anything to the public. If you want to continue utilizing Cydia and other mods you may have installed, it’s best to just relax and wait for the time being.

2. Apps May Not Function Properly

If you’ve ever just browsed through the AppStore and installed fairly random apps, you no doubt know that not all apps are built to the same quality. Nor are they supported equally. While most of your favorite apps likely have a dedicated team of people working long, painstaking hours to deliver updates to the AppStore just hours following the new iOS update, there will still be a few lagging behind. Before updating to iOS7, make sure to check the update page of your most used apps and confirm that they will still function properly with the latest update.

3. Bugs

When software is update, there are inevitably going to be unintended bugs that come along with it. While the iOS teams at Apple have spent the better part of a year working out the kinks with iOS6, iOS7 is brand spanking new. Yes, it’s been in developer hands for q few months now, but there are still going to be a few error prone actions lying about somewhere.

4. You Have an Older Device

Original iPhone 2G

As Apple continues to push forward with their iDevices, they, like most manufacturers, cease to support their older devices so that they focus more bandwidth on advancement. It makes little sense for them to keep spending money on a product that is no longer, or barely bringing them any income. If you were an early adopter of the iPad or haven’t upgraded your iPhone since the 3GS, you’re going to have to settle with staying with iOS6 or earlier. Don’t fret, there are many people with devices that are applicable for the update yet are choosing to refrain from applying it. Not everyone loves the new GUI, myself included.

5. It’s Kinda Ugly

Ugly Dog

They took a finely polished design and replaced it with something reminiscent of a kindergarten student’s construction paper cut outs. I get that Apple is perhaps a bit concerned over Microsoft’s attempt to catch up in the Mobile market, but why they would choose to emulate the most despised feature of Windows RT is perplexing. I would have gladly accepted the inclusion of widgets, but we didn’t get those, we just got simplified icons and a bunch of stuff they copied from the jailbreak community. (At least they’re listening… sort of.)

6. You Live in the Sticks


Considering that iOS7 is a little over a 1 GB download, add on the fact that you can’t download it over your cellular data service, and depending on where you live, you’ve got yourself a little predicament. If you happen to be luckily enough to reside in an area where nature boarders your property, you may have had to sacrifice high speed bandwidth for the picturesque atmosphere.  If you’re out in the sticks and burdened with limited connectivity or even a capped bandwidth allotment, you may want to wait till you hit a public Wi-Fi source in town.

7. Uncomfortable With Change

iOS7 presents the most dramatic change between iOS versions, and for some, this can be disheartening. If you’ve just happened to learn all the ins and outs with iOS6 and are now frustrated that you’ll have to learn the “hidden” functions in iOS7, all you need to do is wait for a few days, type “how to iOS7″ into Google or check back here at GadgetReview and you’ll have a handy-dandy set of guides, helping guide you through what’s new and different with iOS7.

There are many and more reasons not to upgrade to iOS7, and there are just as many, if not more to go ahead and try it out. This article isn’t meant to keep you away from iOS, we just want to inform you of the risks. Personally, I revel in my 4S being Jailbroken, so it’ll be a while before I’m using iOS7 on my primary device. Have you taken the plunge? Do you plan to? Let us know in the comments.

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