As companies, neighborhoods and whole cities go digital–living off the virtual lifeblood of a single interconnected overly complex piece of software, one can only assume the inevitable. The inevitable has become commonplace ubiquity for regular gamers. I’m talking about hacking. Virtually all of LA and a couple other cities have hotwired the totality of their towns traffic lights, cross walks and such to work off a centrally governed network. If I were a hacker… That just sounds like an amusement park filled with mayhem-laden possibilities. In fact theirs an app for that.

It’s called Watch_Dogs. It may not allow you to hack a cities unified network of information and governing systems… Oh wait! That’s exactly what this game is all about, albeit safe and tame in the virtual world. This latest bit of cyber crumpet is all about the insane amount of control you have of the the cities ctOS. What is ctOS, you ask? Well watch the latest set of moving pictures from Ubisoft.

Shawn Sanders

Shawn loves gadgets, literature, history and games. For 10yrs+ he's straddled both the comic book & video game industries, as a writer, editor, marketing officer & producer. Shawn got his start in tech & games as an editor & Hardware Director for More notable accomplishments include Executive Producer on mobile games Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved & The Shroud.