Here’s an interesting bit of irony. Ubisoft just announced The Division will ship for PC as well as next gen. consoles like PS4 and Xbone. The game also sports a companion feature that caters to the PC’s arguable rival–the mobile touch tablet. While they haven’t completely killed the laptop market, they have carved a nice niche for themselves in many areas where a laptops would be less than ideal. Gaming is one of these areas. More triple-A games are integrating tablet and touch functionality to offer new ways to enjoy the next generation of game titles. I did a piece here highlighting a few of the bigger titles in the works. These are titles that are using touch tablets in new innovative ways to enhance the user experience.

Ubisoft’s The Division is one of these titles. This trailer highlights the many ways you can use a tablet to play and assist your friends in-game. It goes beyond offering situational intelligence, spotting targets and looking at static 1-dimensional maps. In The Division you can use a tablet to take command of an quadrotor aerial drone. This thing can be upgraded and kitted out with different specs, skills and more. The drone gives players a physical presence in the game world that would otherwise be quite challenging on a touch device. Check it out!

Shawn Sanders

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