Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition (comparison)

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  1. Gautam Sethi

    Excellent review…

    I just picked up Nexus 4, truely loving it, even with some flaws.

    (+) Love the display

    (+) Love the premium feel – body, glass back, unique back design.

    (+) Love the config: CPU, S4 Quad, 2Gigs RAM – lag free

    (+) Like the battery backup

    (+) Like call quality, the sound – speaker, ear piece, signal strength, etc

    (+) Really like the camera – way better than any Xperia (Z, SP), yes Z

    (-) Wished they had off-screen buttons like Atirx2, makes the screen shorter

    (-) SD card slot missing

    I place it over SGS4 and Xperia Z, because these both have huge flaws

    XperiaZ: Sony has cheated customer yet again (this trend has been for years now)

    screen cracks when its in tight pocket. I heard nothing is repairable,
    you need to shell out 2/3 the price to get it replaces, if anything
    wrong happens, this was not the case with Moto Defy, a quality
    waterproof smartphone of its time.

    XperiaSP: Although the Processor is cool: Krait, the camera is the sh!ttiest of all…

    screen digitizer failing? more than the occurrence probably, i feel
    Samsung cheated customer, releasing models – SGS4,3, Note2 with this problem

    • gadgetreview

      Thanks for your detailed response. I’ve never used Sony’s phones, but I can say that the Nexus 4 has had less problems than my GS4.

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