xbox home gold feature

When Microsoft first revealed details on its Xbox One, it was announced that users would be able to share games digitally. However, after getting a lot of backlash and criticism over the used games polices and online check, they’ve revealed that they’re now reversing their original plans, outlining what can be shared. Disc-based games can no longer be converted into digitally sharable copies for friends and the new sharing system works similar to how it’s done right now with the Xbox 360. Xbox chief product officers Marc Whitten said the company want’s to still bring back some of the promised Xbox One features soon.

So Xbox One Games will be shared by all users in a household, with the games being digitally tied to the primary console in the house (they are already tied to an individual’s gamertag). So any family members who uses that console will be able to pick a digital game even though the original owner isn’t signed on. Users will also be able to use a Microsoft Account that will act like a digital passport to use games on another console, which is what the company is calling Home Gold that’s part of this sharing and cloud-powered Xbox Live. An Xbox ONe owner with an Xbox Gold subscription will be ale to log into their account at a friend’s house and everyone using that console will be able to play multiplayer games and entertainment apps while that particular Gold member is still signed into their account. In essence, additional members of a household are no longer required to buy their own individual subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold.

Kristie Bertucci

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