Microsoft: Kinect No Longer Mandatory to Play the Xbox One, Can Be Unplugged, Left in the Box

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1 Comment to Microsoft: Kinect No Longer Mandatory to Play the Xbox One, Can Be Unplugged, Left in the Box

  1. mytwocents

    I don’t understand all this fan boys stuff. I chose PS3 and will be choosing PS4 for so many reasons. The hardware realiability of the PS3 won me over. The fact that MS rarely listens to its customers until it too late, is what worries me. MS is know, especially during the Steve Balmer era, to put out subpar software and equipement. Even though majority of the people liked Windows XP, it was quite some time before they got it right. Only after many updates and patches later, did XP start to look good. Remember Windows Vista? Even Windows 7 out of the Box had quite a few needs. And now we are faced with Windows 8. I realize for everything there are going to be people who like new releases, but with Windows 8, they fired their head Windows 8 guy and are about to realase Windows 8.1 with legacy windows 7 udpates, so to appease the masses. Remeber Zune? MS has become followers and not inovators. Sony has made many mistakes along the way, but thier hardware is top notch. In any other equipment release, if there was a failure rate of upwards of 40% (xbox 360 red ring), it would have been the death nail. What saved MS was the one year head start and the fact so many people had already purchased xbox 360. People will tend to buy something that thier friends have to be part of the group and enjoy online gameplay with them. I did not purchase PS3 until the first slim came out. I waited.
    Steve Balmer has his head in the clouds. When they try to innovate (windows 8) it comes out wrong and forced fed. While Apple, Google continue on, MS keeps chasing thier competitors. I realize no matter what I say, thier will always be Fanboys.
    I realize MS is trying to get into the hardware game, because it realizes, they have more control and potential profits because of it, like Apple, but they go about it all wrong, so many times. I use MS office and MS windows, because I have no choice – campatiblity with others and default us in the workplace is the reason why.
    Now looking forward to Xbox One / PS4 : First, I don’t want a VHS player look alike on my entertainment shelf (Xbox One). PS4 looks the Most sleek. The fact Sony was able to cram everything into a smaller box and still not have a large brick power supply, shows the amount off effort that they have in all aspects of design. Seems to me MS did not spend as much time/money/effort on actuall design of the hardware. They have a lager box and a seperate power supply that is about the size of a brick. Others have pooh-poohed the idea that MS “will be watching” while the Kinect is “always on”, but I would rather have choice. Sony, although not perfect, did it better. Supply good equipement, and try and keep it as simple as possible. Let the game purchases and yearly subscription make thier money. I think they have learned from alot of their mistakes. MS tried to do what Apple does, that is force people to comply with thier way of doing things, but MS is currenlty not in a possition to do that. Apple does it becasue they can. MS does it, because they wanted to.
    To all those who throw around silly statements like “no one is interested in PS4″ or ” “Xbox One is for real gamers”. I totally disagree with these statements and they are only made because of passion becasue that’s the company jersey they wear. A console will succeed because of the amount of units being sold AND used. Game developers flock to the one that has the most potential for them to sell their games.
    BYW. I have about 20 games for my PS3, but it use mainly for its multi media capability – in this order; Music, Movies, Games…. and it looks a whole lot better on my enternainment shelf than a Xbox 360. Just my two cents, nothing else….

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