You’d be hard pressed to find a smartphone these days that doesn’t boast a screen and a camera.  But that isn’t to say they’re all created equal.  Some capture brilliant images, while others record soft and dull photos.  The same can be said for the screen, which in some handsets is anything but remarkable.

Fortunately, LG’s G2 in the better of the two categories.  In addition to the latest Snapdragon processor, and a sexy form factors, it sports some notable features that will leave many competitors asking themselves “why didn’t we do that?”

First  on the list is the LG G2′s camera.  It’s most certainly not your garden variety as it can capture 13-megapixel images.  But that’s not all that makes it an image power house.  Thanks to image optical stabilization – something that is generally only found in a stand alone point and shoot camera – images can be snapped in the most turbulent of circumstances.  Moreover, the LG G2 can record full HD video, bring to life every memory as if it just happened.

Second, but not least on the list, is a special cover that transforms the display into a mini screen, allowing you to access your music, time of day, and more without having to power on the phone and waste precious battery life.

Again, these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the LG G2′s features, so I suggest diving a bit deeper into the phone’s full spec list.

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Christen Costa

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