Indoor Swing-1

The ideal childhood involves a backyard, a pool, and playset complete with a jungle gym and swing.  But the reality is that many of the world’s kids are confined to small, cramped apartments, and if they’re lucky have a dusty yard to play in.  That, or it’s just too damn cold to play outside.  Enter the indoor swing.

Much like the Perfect Pull Up bar, this thing installs in a standard sized doorway and can support kids up to 100lbs.  If the company’s marketing speak is to believed, it can even help your kid develop muscle mass as well as balance, thus further justifying your $148 investment.

That in mind, you’ll need to buy both the Swing ($58) and the Support Bar ($91).  You might also want to consider some padding, since excessive over pumping could result in a few broken walls, as well as bones.

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Christen Costa

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