Who says that you have to have a grown up toothbrush once you hit your teens? Let your inner child shine while you’re keeping your teeth healthy and clean with the Gum Toothbrush Star Wars Flash Light that will brighten your mornings (literally!). The Star Wars-themed toothbrush features a one-minute timer so that you know how long you should be brushing your teeth for (just in case you’ve been cheating and doing it for under a minute). Healthy gums takes works and that timer will make sure you’re getting enough time cleaning your teeth. The timer’s lightsaber will flash for one minutes so you’ll know when time is up.

Besides the cool lightsaber timer, the toothbrush features soft bristles that will clean between your teeth. And there’s a unique design for each Star Wars character so you’ll definitely want to collect all three! Blue is Anakin, Red is Vader and Green is Yoda And the plus side is that it’s recommended by dental professionals so you know you’ll getting a good toothbrush. Amazon has it for only $6.40!

Kristie Bertucci

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