Do you need to know anything else? It’s Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s multiplayer. Yes? OK.

Screenshot from 2013-08-15 10:05:37

First of all, this is going to feel at least a little familiar if you’re a Rockstar fan. Much of the multiplayer resembles Rockstar’s highly polished, and criminally underrated, multiplayer for Max Payne 3, but there are definitely some refinements there. Not least, it’s pretty clear that the influence of games like Payne and Red Dead Redemption are going to be strongly felt in the shooting, which considering that the previous entries in the GTA series could be a wee bit clunky in that respect is only a good thing.

Secondly, it looks like Rockstar is dedicated to making this essentially a second game. The trailer bears down rather hard on the fact that as you perform new activities, you level up and unlock new content, ranging from being able to play golf against your friends to, well, the far more ridiculous things that made Grand Theft Auto a household name. We see examples of everything from vehicle races, complete with what appears to be weaponized interference, to classic deathmatch modes (all of which take place in a trailer park for some reason), to team based capture-the-flag style work.

And, needless to say, there will be content creation tools. We only see the deathmatch and the race designing tools in action, but it looks like it’s going to be fairly heavy on the absurdity and that you’ll have a pretty wide range of toys to play with. Grenade-launcher only deathmatch, anyone?

Screenshot from 2013-08-15 10:07:02

The proof is in the playing, not the trailers, of course, and for all we know, this is a rosy scenario that doesn’t reflect reality. But if even a tenth of what this game promises comes true, it’s probably going to be the multiplayer game to beat this autumn.

Dan Seitz

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