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If you thought onesies were just for babies and kids, you’re totally wrong! Adults can get in on all the comfy actin, too, and these Star Wars Onesies for adults are great for any fans or serious collectors (or even if you’d like to entertain your geek side). The officially licensed Star Wars PJs include some of the most iconic characters, including an all-white Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, R2-D2 and Darth Vader. But not only can you get super comfy in them 365 days of the year, but you can also wear them for Halloween, making them a great investment you can literally wear all year long!



Each onesie is made to be ultra comfortable, created from a comfy polyester cotton blend and even includes front pockets to keep your hands warm or to stuff in some goodies! There is even a lined hood for chilly nights when you decide to walk out of the house sporting a onesie (that’s if you’re brave enough to do it outside of Halloween). All the Onesies have cuffed arms, a lined hood, front pockets, and a generous zip length with a large fabric zip pull for added detail and all are machine washable.¬†They are going for about $62 (at current exchange rate) at Red5 in the UK.

darth vader


boba fett

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