Editor’s Note: The game is now released! You can still get a discount for 20% off. Standard is $24, collector’s is $40. CE gets you more in-game goodies.

Update 8/26: FFXIV: AAR producer & director Naoki Yoshida has issued an apology to players on the NA/EU servers over the weekend’s early access data center connection issues.

For those that have been eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn early access, the initial server problems during launch have now come and went. There was so many people around the world blitzing the server that emergency server maintenance started up early this Saturday morning with this message for NA/EU servers:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. [Date & Time] Aug. 24, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (PDT)

Thankfully it looks as if server issues were resolved properly and the emergency maintenance was resolved by 9:55AM Pacific.

If you’re having INSTANCE issues, don’t fret – Square Enix is aware of the problem and they are addressing it. As of 12:58PM, there may be another emergency maintenance upcoming so plan your play time accordingly.

If You’re Still Trying to Setup FFXIV: AAR

Final Fantasy XIV Beginner's Setup Guide

Square Enix has launched a helpful official setup guide walking you through getting setup. We’ve gone through the list and added some more helpful setup for those that have pre-order:

  1. Buy the Game (duh). Best deal currently for standard edition is $24 while collector’s edition is $40. Use coupon code GMG20-KCDKK-H4TPB
  2. Install the Game. If you bought a physical copy, simply slap it in the DVD drive and follow the install prompt. If you bought the game digitally, you’ll need to download and install the game client.
  3. Setup Square Enix Account. No matter the platform, you’ll be needing a Square Enix account to play FFXIV: AAR. Set up here.
  4. Claim Pre-Order Code. Want in on early access? You’ll need to claim your pre-order code and attach it to your Square Enix account. Head here to get started.
  5. Register Your Game. The game key is a 20 character alphanumeric code. Remember, your pre-order code is different than your game key. If you’re playing early access, you have until Aug 30th to setup the game key in your Square Enix account.
  6. Starting the Game. There’s a specific guide for playing on Windows and playing on PlayStation 3. Chose accordingly :)

Extra Helpful Tips on Early Access and Account Setup

  • If you’re having problems with ERROR 3, here’s a fix from the user forums. Basically, set your profile to English (US) vs English (UK) when you try to setup the pre-order code. You’ll find this in the “My Profile” section before you enter your pre-order code.
  • If you somehow setup early access to the WRONG account, you have a ONE TIME fix ability. Head to the support center and follow the instructions listed here.
  • Make your login life easier by setting up the ONE-TIME password token. You’ll need an iOS or Android device. Details here. This will also be a second security layer, reducing the chance that your account gets “hacked” (aka password stolen from phishing emails).
  • Want to know the difference between the pre-order bonuses? Check out the comparison between the standard and collector’s edition.

If you have specific problems and solutions that you’ve found, leave them in the comments below! See you in Eorzea!


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