Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Pre-Order Bonus Comparison, Early Access This Saturday

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16 Comments to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Pre-Order Bonus Comparison, Early Access This Saturday

  1. dont order from SE website as you will not get your code for the main game quickly.

    It seems third party retailers are more on the ball than SE….what a joke!!!

  2. I pre order the collectors edition @psn store but when i registered it said only regular edition items and never gave an early access code.I pre order the regular edition at gamestop before this and am downloading it for the second time with the code from redeem code in ps store in case psn ce gives no early access do we get the mount later?

  3. Behemopiggy

    Can the codes for the PC Collectors Edition be used on the PS3 Standard Edition via PSN? Do any of codes expire, including the 30 days game time?

  4. Where is this discount code good for? also my friend bought the recorder threw psn and I downloaded it onto my system and was just going to pay for my own subscription… why is it now asking me for a “promo code or psn card number”?

    • the discount code is to take 20% off for those that HAVE NOT bought the game yet (this is for the PC version by the way). if your PS3 is asking for a promo code, it probably means the early access code.

    • Yea. Call them. I had to call Gamestop as they never gave me mine. They had a list and just gave me one.

    • Yeah check with the retailer. If you bought online, you should receive a pre-order code. That’s separate from your actual game key. The pre-order code lets you claim all the pre-order bonuses, including tomorrow’s Early Access.

      • Tama hiroshi

        Dealzon i just bought a collectors edition and recived two keys from square enix. I already redeem the codes but i hav a big question … I’m a legacy member and i would like to know if one of these codes are for CE items? or they’ll appear automatically on my account? how does Square Enix can distinguish between CE and standar edition buyers?

        • Hey Tama. One of the code is for early access + pre-order bonuses (redeem it at the link above).. and the other is your collector’s edition key. the items will be delivered in-game via the in-game mail system (items attached to mail). its actually easy for square to distinguish since they give out different type of keys depending on your purchase, and it ties to your account.

  5. i was able to redeem my code thanks to this website. i didnt know where to go until i found this site :)

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