DISH vs. Time Warner Cable (comparison)

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Time Warner Cable vs DISH Network
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3 Comments to DISH vs. Time Warner Cable (comparison)

  1. Wayne Rauschuber

    I have been a long time subscriber of both services – Twice with each service in the last 18 years.
    I believe that TW has a slight edge over Dish.

    Dish wins
    Equipment and Special Features, Special Offers, andTop Tier Packages

    TW wins
    Contract Periods, and Value Packages

    Other categories are push…. DISH does not win and they Do Not Offer existing customers incentives to stay with Dish. They JUST DON’t CARE. The latest fiasco with FOX News is a good example and the reason I left them forever and won’t return for a third time.

  2. You missed the most important aspect of this entire thing. In order for those boxes to work correctly you need wifi set up in your house. I had the fastest plan Dish had to offer in my area and to be nice about it… I would have rather used my blackberry from 2005 on the EDGE network than get barley 2mb/s with dish’s horrible 1990’s internet speeds. If they were honest about how god awful their internet was. No one, besides those who are too old to understand how computers work, would ever pick dish over TWC.

  3. Billy Dee Zee

    DO NOT GET DISH. To cancel their HORRIBLE service you must pay a $400 cancelation fee – their call center is in India – the system goes out all the time – HORRIBLE SYSTEM – DO NOT GET DISH

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