Are you worried your family is spending too much time on the web and want to do something about it. The Kickstarter campaign for Circle will allow you to choose how you and your family spend time online using smart filtering, informing and time mangement. It aims to add well-designed simplicity to online filtering and parental controls for the entire family. It’s managed by an iOS app that allows you to choose what happens when your family goes online.

Its smart filter ensures only age/user-appropriate content reaches your kids by setting individual filtering levels by category for each device on your network, while its time management will mange users by allowing them timed access on social media sites, gaming, videos and more. The pause mode will temporarily restrict web access to every device on your network and can by set manually at any time. You can also see the amount of time your family spends on certain sites and you can set customization notification schedules for both good and bad Internet activity on devices used in your home via an app. The safe mode will adjust setting for Internet activity for children under five who use an adult’s device, which can easily be unlocked when the adult uses the device again. You can still get a Circle at the lowest price if you pledge $150 or more.

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Kristie Bertucci

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